Thank you!

Thank you for all the messages and love you’ve sent me for Thieving Hearts! It was truly a pleasure to write. I loved creating a crazy obsessive, in-love character like Roman and discussing a few mental health conditions that are close to my heart. It’s been wonderful to see the positive response to this book. It’s always so nerve-wracking to release a book and see what everyone thinks!

This month I’m finishing my next book, The Assassin’s Wife, which will release in mid-November. This will kick off my newest multi-book series, Angels & Assassins. I’m also working on a novella that I’ll probably sneak release as soon as I get it back from my over-worked, but amazing editors. This one’s been teasing my brain for awhile and I’ve been wanting to tell this story since I released Because You’re Mine. It’s the love story between Allie’s mom Veronica and her husband Robert.

I’m also reorganizing my office this month! Yay, I’m so excited! I think my husband’s just sick of the thousands of books I keep cramming in there and has offered to do some renovations if I get rid of a few. Do you think three will be enough? I think I have a textbook I don’t need anymore. I’ll post pics when it’s done.

I’m also looking for inspiration this month! I’m a voracious reader of all books (but mostly romance of the anti-hero variety). Right now I’m reading Passion & Venom by S. Williams. Any recommendations? Thank you again to all of my wonderful readers! You guys are amazing!

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Thieving Hearts is now available on Amazon!

When she runs, he will hunt.

Protector, stalker, lover… she is his obsession. From the moment Roman Valdez set eyes on Katie, he knew she was the one for him. Beautiful, carefree and captivating, but at thirteen she was too young. So, he waited, watched and protected. Followed her through the years until she was ready to be with him.

Only something happened to his beloved along the way. His perfect princess grew dark and distant. Instead of embracing his love, she runs away from it, convinced that she’s not worthy of all he offers – love, protection and happiness.

Now, he will set his demons free. He will rise up from the ashes of his father to inherit the Valdez cartel. He will burn her world and bathe in the blood of her enemies until she is free to belong to him. He will take his woman and his birthright and crush anyone that gets in his way.

But will he crush the woman he loves along the way…


Book release tomorrow!

I have fallen in love with Thieving Hearts, set for release tomorrow, September 30th. Roman and Katie are two of my favourite characters; I feel connected to them and their story even though I’ve never actually stolen art or lived in a Mexican hacienda. There is a little part of me that is bad to the bone and I love that I get to share that wild side with you through my writing.

It was a crazy busy summer and an equally hectic start to fall, but I still had time to smell the roses, drink a few glasses of red and make some lazy love. I also decided a new series of books is in order. Stay tuned for Angels and Assassins, a multi-book series with the planned release of the first book by mid-November. More to come on that in October.

Hope you love reading Thieving Hearts as much as I loved writing it!

Thieving Hearts - Katerina

Driven by Desire, now available on Amazon!

Driven by Desire is now available on Amazon! Check out this sizzling dark mafia romance…

What the boss wants, the boss gets. And, from the moment he sets eyes on the little mechanic, he wants her. He won’t stop until she becomes his.

Riley works hard, plays harder and drives fast cars. Life is good until the scariest man in town walks into her garage and seals her fate.